Board Meeting Minutes for 6/13/2015

Board members present: Chris Keefer, Vivian Terkel, Brad Vo, Jerry Scheibal, Andrew Engel. Paulette O’Shea and Helen Green.

Called to order at: 9:05 AM.

Treasurer report:

Good news! The club ended May with a cash balance of $20,365. Jerry explained that our forecast was for $16,865, and so therefore we are way ahead of budget! Jerry told the board that Brad has done a great job and that court income fees are higher than projected.  The next discussion related to our meter for our electric bill. In January, the

recreation center allocated 12.6 % to UCRC, February’s allocation was 8.1% and the March allocation was 9.5%. The electricity bill has decreased, even before our own switch has been installed.

Manager report:

Brad reported the court fees for April-June. Court fees are up and better $775 in April and $660 in May. It was lower in May because of the rainout days on Fridays. The courts have been busy in the late afternoon and early The club added 3 family and 3 adult memberships since the last meeting.

The board members discussed membership fees from other clubs. Examples of the membership fees from other clubs are listed below:

Rancho Penasquitos: 12 courts with $200 initiation fee. Family is $405. Adult is $ 289. Junior $287.

Rancho Bernardo: 6 courts with an initiation fee of $100. Family membership is $495. Adult $275. Junior $90

Tierresanta: 4 courts with an initiation fee of $50. Family is $ 335. Adult $200. Junior $30.

Peninsula: 12 courts. No initiation fee. Family $ 250. Adult $150 Junior free.

Balboa: 25 courts. No initiation fee. Family $625. $525 if membership is renewed within year. Adult $ 325, $275 if membership is renewed within year.

UCRC was $329 last yr. Family $329, Adult $229.

Membership dues were discussed. The board discussed raising renewal fees. It was suggested to offer the old rate if one renewed early. Vivian suggested that we ask for donations with the renewal. All members liked this recommendation. An example was given to put a line on the membership form for improvements and an amount of the donation a line for other amount. We may list the cost of bulbs on the courts, net costs, resurfacing court

The next discussion involved ordering new nets. Cost is $180 per net. There was a unanimous vote to order 2 nets.

A social was discussed for August 9 in the afternoon.

Next board meeting September 19 at 9am.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Green, DVM

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