O’neal Solema

University City Racquet Club would like to introduce you to our very own USPTR Certified Teaching Coach – O’neal Solema. Originally teaching out of Westfield Indoor Tennis Club, Westfield, NJ(2000-10), he now lives and coaches in the finest city, where he calls University City Racquet Club his adopted home (2012-present). O’neal looks forward to daily self positive growth in his community. O’neal hopes to share his joy and passion of this life long sport and aid in your own personal goals and create new ones.


  • Ability to work and connect with various ages and playing levels
  • Maximize striking ability with proper technique and repetition
  • Improve tennis fitness with high work rate lesson plans
  • Singles and doubles point playing strategies
  • Tournament and/or high school preparation

O’neal’s Resume

  • Over 16 years of tennis playing and teaching experience
  • USPTR Certified Professional
  • Racquet stringing expert

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