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  • How Can I Become A Member?
    Membership information can be found in the Membership tab.
  • Do You Offer Pickleball?
    We do not offer pickleball courts at UCRC, however there are two courts run by the Standley Recreation Center that does.
  • Is UCRC Part of Standley Recreation Center?
    No, UCRC is separate from Standley Recreation Center and we have different staffing and operating hours.
  • What are the club's operating hours and availability?
    UCRC operating hours on weekdays are 8AM - 12:30PM & 3:30 - 8PM, and on weekends 8AM - 5PM, weather permitting.
  • Can I Use The Courts If I’m Not A Member?
    Yes, anyone can come to UCRC and use the courts. Start by making a free court reserve account, then call us to reserve a court at 858-452-5683. The prices are $10 per person, or if you are with a member, $8 per person.
  • How Else Can Non-members Play At UCRC?
    Non-members can join events and clinics for a fee, please see the Events and/or Social page for more information.
  • How Do I Know Which Level My Child Belongs In?
    We will set up an evaluation for your child to assess what level and class is the best fit for them. We will need to know about prior playing experience, students goals, and commitment level. We reserve the right to remove players from groups if they do not fit the level of the class. If this happens and the payment has already been processed, we will give a full refund or offer credit toward private lessons.
  • How Will I Know When My Child Is Ready To Move Up A Level?
    Our progression plan is based on the principle that impatience and desire to move a different ball quickly should never override proper development. Players must display high proficiency in a variety of different categories – including Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Return, Volley, and Overhead prior to transitioning levels. When children transition too quickly, there is a much greater likelihood that they will develop technical flaws to compensate for developmentally inappropriate play. We encourage parents to communicate regularly with their child’s coach on their progress and skills to work on outside of class.
  • Do you offer make-up classes or refunds? What happens if it rains?
    We do not offer refunds or credits and cannot guarantee makeups in the case of rain, though we will try our best to accommodate. If a class is affected more than once in a session due to weather, we will provide an additional makeup class option. We do not offer refunds for a session that is already paid for. If you need to withdraw your child for any reason, we will credit your Court Reserve account to use for future lessons.
  • How long are the sessions? Can my child join in the middle of a session?
    Sessions are twelve weeks long and students are expected to commit and sign up for the whole twelve weeks. If there is space available in the class, players are welcome to join midsession. The price will be prorated based on the number of weeks left.
  • Do Members Have The Ability to Edit Their Reservation On CourtReserve?
    Yes, members can edit, change, or delete their reservations. Non-Members must speak to the court monitor on duty or call.
  • Do You Rent Ball Machines, Racquets, or Balls?
    UCRC offers the rental of our ball machine for $15 for one hour for members, and 30$ for one hour for non-members. However, we do not rent racquets or balls. Racquets and balls can be purchased in the clubhouse.
  • Can Non-Members Join UCRC League Teams?
    Yes, non-members may be allowed to join a team if there are not enough members to form a team. When sign-ups are going on email the office with your USTA level and your request will be forwarded to the Level Coordinator.
  • Do you have a Lost and Found?
    Yes, to retrieve lost items please speak with the court monitor on duty.
  • How do I know when my yearly membership dues need to be paid?
    CourtReserve notifies members when yearly dues need to be paid. Members are responsible to know when their dues needs to be paid. Non-payment of dues will result in membership termination.
  • Do you offer tennis lessons or coaching services, and how can I sign up for them?
    Yes, UCRC has lessons and coaching services. We have group youth lessons for ages 6 and up (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green ball) as well as private lessons, and adult clinics. To sign up for lessons, please contact our director of tennis Aurelie Udall at or (413)-313-6351 to schedule an evaluation.
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