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Membership Options
Adult:  $325 per year or $40 per month
Individual aged 18-64 years old
Couple / Domestic Partnership:  $500 per year
Two adults aged 18-64 years old married or in a domestic partnership living

in the same household
Family:  $550 per year
Two adults and two children under the age of 18 living in the same household
Junior (under 18):  $100 per year
Individual under 18 years of age during the entire membership year
Senior:  $300 per year
Individual 65 years and older
Senior Couple:  $450 per year
Two adults aged 65 years and older married or in a domestic partnership 

living in the same household

There is a one-time $25 initiation fee for all new memberships.
**Membership is not required to sign up for classes or events, but registration on CourtReserve is required**


Membership Benefits

  • One Year Membership to the University City Racquet Club

  • Court Reservations can be made as follows:

       - up to 60 minutes for individual practice

       - up to 90 minutes for singles (two players)

       - up to 120 minutes for doubles (four players)

  • Access to seven (7) days advance online court reservation system

    • Discounted guest fee of $8 for a non-member when playing with a current member.   

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