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Club Administration


President:  David Livingston

Vice President:  Aaron Cuadros

Treasurer:  Keith Chin

Secretary:  Wei Cheng

Member-at-Large:  Bob Siegel

Member-at-Large:  Patti Sherron

Member-at-Large:  Aya Turubayeva

Member-at-Large:  Ron de Jong

Contact us via email at

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Upcoming Board Meetings

Members of the club are welcome and encouraged to attend our quarterly board meetings to keep updated on what's going on at the club and/or voice an opinion.  Meetings will be held quarterly in the Crafts Room at the Standley Recreation Center. 


Quarterly Meetings Planned for 2024

Upcoming meeting July/August (check back for final date)

Google Meet link for 6-7 pm and link for 7-8 pm


If you are a member and interested in attending an upcoming meeting remotely, please email us at least 24 hours before the meeting via Link to Google Meet.

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