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UCRC General Rules

Members, guests, and nonmembers have an equal right to the court with priority going to: 

  1. scheduled instruction at times designated for that purpose

  2. club-approved events (lessons, organized open play, Round Robin)

  3. club-approved league matches

  4. club-approved tournaments

  5. club-approved court reservations

  • All members and non members must check in prior to proceeding to their assigned court.

  • Nonmember court fee is $10, $8 if playing with a member. 

  • Tennis instruction is permitted only by the designated Director of Tennis or their employees and independent contractors. No person may provide tennis instruction, unless it is a direct family member (Spouse, Sibling, Child).

  • Proper tennis attire must be worn while playing. 

  • NO Skateboards, bicycles, black-soled shoes.

  • The courts can only be used for tennis activities only. NO basketball, soccer, pickleball, baseball, etc.

  • No smoking at any time or alcohol consumption on UCRC premises.

  • Children under 18 years of age may use the courts only when supervised by a responsible adult.

  • No dogs allowed on the tennis courts except for trained service dogs under control (on a leash or otherwise appropriately restrained) of the owner and not a distraction to other players. 

  • Players are expected to conduct themselves within the rules of the Club, the game of tennis, and the traditional guidelines of sportsmanship and tennis etiquette of the United States Tennis Association or they will be ejected by the Club Management.

Court Sign-up Rules

  • Members can make up to two reservations per day (one during primetime hours of 5-8 pm Mon-Fri) using CourtReserve and up to one week in advance. 

  • Nonmembers can make no more than one reservation per day, up to one day in advance, either in person at the clubhouse OR by calling the clubhouse during open hours OR by emailing their request to

  • Members/nonmembers may book a court for:

  1. 30 minutes for individual serve practice (one player)

  2. Up to 60 minutes for individual practice and/or ball machine

  3. Up to 90 minutes for singles (two players) 

  4. Up to 120 minutes for doubles (four players)

  • Members/nonmembers may not book courts during primetime hours in a time slot that would create a 30 minute block of unreserved time. ​

  • Members/nonmembers may not book courts under different names for what is essentially one match. For example:  Player 1 books a court for 1.5 hours, and Player 2 books for another half-hour immediately before or after, so that Player 1 and Player 2 play a singles match for two hours. 

  • The person whose name is listed as the reservation holder must be present and  playing/practicing on the court for the duration of the reservation. Otherwise, the person who reserved the court may be counted as a No Show. 

  • A member who makes a reservation for another member (e.g., a parent reserving for a child) must put the other member’s name on the reservation.

  • Members/parents may not book reservations for a family member, or any member, who is under any kind of suspension. 

  • Players are responsible for canceling their reservations at least four hours in advance and must do so using CourtReserve. If less than four hours, they may cancel by contacting the club at 858-452-5683 or emailing A pattern of no-shows will result in restricted court use.

  • In consideration of all players, please wait until the game is over to announce you have the next court assignment. Once you are on your court, please stay on your assigned court or inquire at the front desk if you wish to move to another.

  • If players are more than 10 minutes late to their reserved court time, the reservation will be forfeited and opened for other players to book. 

  • If players leave a court for more than 10 minutes without notifying the court supervisor, the remainder of the reservation will be forfeited and opened for other players to book.

Ball Machine Rules

  • The club ball machine may be rented by members or nonmembers. If use of the ball machine is desired during a reservation, it must be indicated when the reservation is booked. 

  • Persons under 18 years of age may rent the ball machine only when supervised by a responsible adult.

  • Personal and club ball machines may not be used during designated primetime hours or as determined by club staff on a daily basis.

Monitored Hours / Rain / Holidays

  • A Court Monitor is on duty on weekdays from 8 am-12:30 pm and 3:30-8 pm. On weekends, a Court Monitor is on duty from 8 am - 5 pm. Instructors serve as Court Monitors midday on weekdays from 12:30-3:30 pm. 

  • The front desk is closed for some federal holidays and rainy days. Members should check CourtReserve and/or the club website for updated closures and announcements before coming to the club.

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